Foreign investments

In 2014 in Kiev was presented the rating of investment attractiveness. The Ivano-Frankivsk region ranked second among the regions of Ukraine. The rating was based on such indicators as infrastructure development, provision of labor, natural resources, business climate, open government, etc.
Total foreign direct investments (equity) invested in regional companies on the date of 31th of December 2015 amounted 836.6 millions US Dollars.
Foreign direct investments (equity) involved companies in the region (with the cumulative total at the beginning of the year, mln. US Dollars)

За часткою іноземного акціонерного капіталу у загальних обсягах прямих іноземних інвестицій України, яка на 31.12.2015р. склала 1,9%, область посіла 9 місце серед регіонів. У розрахунку на одну особу населення припадало 606,3 дол. США прямих іноземних інвестицій. Серед регіонів України за даним показником область посіла 5 місце.
On the date December 31, 2015 investments came from residents of 51 countries. Priority in investing in the economy of Ivano-Frankivsk belongs to the European Union. During this period EU countries made investments in amount of 766.9 million Dollars (91.7% of total share capital) and from the other countries - 69.7 million dollars. (8.3%).
Up to 5 investor countries, accounting for 85.1% of total direct investment, are: Cyprus - 420,8 mln. USD, Netherlands - 193.1 million USD., Poland - 38,4 mln. USD, Serbia - 30 mln. USD., Denmark - 29 mln. USD.

The structure of foreign direct investment (by economic activity),%

Усього 100,0 %
Сільське господарство 7,8 %
Харчопереробна промисловість 38,9 %
Легка промисловість 1,7 %
Деревообробка 2,2 %
Хімічна промисловість 23,2 %
Виробництво будматеріалів 5,0 %
Будівництво 2,8 %
Торгівля 11,7 %
Інші галузі 6,7 %

Foreign investors for the entire investment period preferred to deposit their capital in industrial enterprises, which aims 626.7 million Dollars (74.9% of total).
As a result of successful cooperation with foreign investors a number of new production facilities, including manufacturing automatic washing machines in LLC "Electrolux Ukraine" (c. Ivano-Frankivsk) making electricity cabeles products for passenger cars in LLC "Tyco Electronics Yukreyn Ltd " and the manufacture of wallpaper (LLC" Cintra ") in the city. Kalush production of wire by welding (OOO" Dan Metal Ukraine ") in Tysmenytsya area manufacturing plastic tubes in LLC" Kalush pipe plant ", and the manufacture of flooring products from interlocking wooden boards (LLC" Solid Ukraine ", m. Ivano-Frankivsk) in the production of reinforced concrete structures (Ltd. "3 Concrete") in the city. Kalush, manufacturing tufted surface (of "Syntelon UA», m. Kalush), production of laminated chipboard in Broshnivska branch of "Krono Ukraine," the production of paper envelopes (of "Kuvert Ukraine) in. Ivano-Frankivsk, commissioned livestock systems and biogas plant capacity of 1.1 MW of "Danosha" silos for grain storage, solar power "Bohorodchanske-1" and many other facilities.

Priority areas for investment:

  • Tourism and recreation complex
  • Food processing industry
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Transport and logistics infrastructure
  • Alternative energy and energy saving technologies

Investment map